8 Steps To Take After An Accident

10 Steps to Take After an Accident

Be Prepared

Nobody ever plans to be in an accident. But you can make sure that, should you find yourself in such a situation, you’re as best prepared as possible by planning ahead and having the necessary emergency products and frame of mind.

Stop and Move

If able to, stop the car, throw it in park, and turn the hazards on. Move to a safe location away from the vehicle/vehicles to avoid any unexpected dangerous situations.

Check on Other Parties

Make sure all involved in the accident are up and moving without injury. Safety is more important than trying to figure out how much this accident is going to cost you. If anyone is injured, call for an ambulance immediately.

Call the Police

Whether you were a part of the accident and able to walk away, or a bystander that witnessed something more than a fender bender, call the police and alert them to the location and severity of the accident. A proper police report could be the deciding factor on your liability or lack there of.

Gather Information

While waiting for the police to arrive to the scene, get as much information from the other party/parties as possible. That includes names, addresses, phone numbers, car makes and models, license plates, and insurance information. For situations where they are not the owner of the vehicle, find out how they are related to the owner.

Please Stay Calm

It is a tough situation for everyone involve4d, whether you caused the accident or were the recipient. Don’t freak out or lose your temper. Everything that needs to get done will get done but the worst thing you could do is risk escalating the situation even further.

File Your Claim

After getting the police report, file your claim to your respective insurance agency as soon as you can. Give them all the information you have and let them handle the business end of the accident.

Go to the Doctor

Even if you don’t think you’re seriously injured, any small tweak could turn into something worse down the line. Get yourself checked and save yourself more in the long run.

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